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    Tehran International Industry Exhibition(TIIE)(2016.10.5-10.8)

    Date:2016/7/9 Clicks:3339

    TIIE 2016
    16th Tehran International Industry Exhibition
    Date: 10/5/2016 - 10/8/2016
    Venue: Tehran International Permanent Fairground, Tehran, Iran

    Tehran International Industry Exhibition offers the best opportunity for industry professionals like manufacturing, industry managers, system operators, instrumentation experts, plant managers, public system, investors, enterprenuers and service managers, technicians and maintenance operators, buyers, system planners, research operators to talk with their colleagues and meet face to face with suppliers from all over the world.

    Company name:
    Zhejiang Hengfengtai Reducer Mfg Co.,ltd
    Product shows: HXG/HXGF shaft mounted gearbox, HB industrial bevel gearbox, HR/HK/HF helical gear motor, CORT high precision robot arm reducer
    Hall number: 38A
    Booth Number: 38A102

    Welcome to see you in TIIE.